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hi, I'm Bo. I'm 255 months old and I'm pixlexic. 90% reblogs, 10% my life. anyway, keep scrolling, you're always welcome here.

11:33pm in the evening, I just got back from Los Banos, where I go to school. which is around 30 miles away.

anyway, as I am typing this right now, I’ve mustered up all I can just for me to let someone know, and that’s you guys, strangers over the internet who in some random way have stumbled on my Tumblr account, know what’s going on with me right now.

"what is this about?", you may ask.

well, this post is about me being tired. yes, I’m tired. of a lot of things. and nowadays, I could only laugh, smile, and have fun for so much. life just wore me down really, really quickly. I’ve been feeling really depressed as of late cause of unclear reasons, and I’m not quite sure how long I’ll hold up. but I’m trying. I’ve always been trying.

for my loved ones, my family, my dear friends, the person whom I really love, my orgmates, schoolmates, everyone else I know back in UPLB, really nice friends I’ve met because of Tumblr, church people, and strangers I’ve happened to meet along the way… don’t hate me for whatever might happen, remember only the good memories I’ve shared with you, there’s no place for guilt, or sorrow, or regret. instead, while I still can and still am fighting, believe in me, believe in the thought that one day I’ll make it through this, and hopefully, when the time comes for me to get back, you’ll be there to see me.

if ever this would be that last thing I post here, then let it be this:

faithless are those who keep looking at the end,
for the end goes over the horizon.
and to tell you the truth about it,
your eyes could only see so far.

we adjust the sails,
one day we’ll get there. 

one more day.

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Favourite Halloween Movies


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I am Groot.

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nescience #GIF 2
made with afterfx


nescience #GIF 2

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"If you challenge a cop to a race, he legally has to race you. If you beat him, you are the cop."
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324/365 - i don’t even like milk (by jill willcott)


324/365 - i don’t even like milk (by jill willcott)

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vertical, personal, and beach blog △


vertical, personal, and beach blog △

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If Pikachu didn’t change for its partner, why should you?


Deep shit man

I just think it’s neat how Pikachu has his own bed.

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